Friday, June 11, 2010

Celebrating at The Bedford Academy!

After a grueling, well, that's too dramatic.... full-fledged schedule for the last 3 months due to taking a course twice a week and working full-time, the sweet taste of liberation (or was it the Stella?) was a welcome night out at The Bedford Academy. A staple on the U of T pub crawl circuit in a beautifully restored Victorian mansion on Prince Arthur, this institution offers a wide range of drink, food and not to mention a gorgeous patio. Our fine company, including an expert ex-server, was quick to point out that alas, although we were in a large group and quite forgiving, our servings of simple sweet potato fries, nachos and a tuna melt, took an eternity to arrive at our table. The cheese was not as lightly golden as they had described in the menu and I was a tad disappointed that they had a haunting resemblance to Kraft Singles. Was it me or did the english muffin that was described in the menu transform into foccacia by the time it came? It remains a mystery... Still, definitely worth the visit nonetheless! Check them out at:

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