Thursday, April 14, 2016

A new spin on an old love...

Okay, OKAY!  When I first started blogging, many, MANY moons a go, I had disposable income and happily just started my single living life... fast forward a couple years and I find myself in a very different predicament... saving for a wedding and possible family down the road and further along that path, a down payment to an excruciatingly expensive mortgage if we decide to stay in our beloved T-dot... one thing remains the same... the love and adventure of finding great hidden gems in the city... this time.. with a budget in mind!  Cheap, quality eats are always on the horizon... so armed with my gaggle of friends who are more or less in the same boat as me, a new chapter of, "Je Suis Gutom" begins!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

The amount is PARAMOUNT...

Famished from a day of fantastic finds a la cheap, Hamburglar and I wanderlust over to Paramount Fine Foods (Halal) across from the Eaton Centre on Yonge, in search of a feast for those whose wallets are on famine. Greeted by lovely Jannat, and seated quickly in the back of the two floor establishment, we start with Manakeesh (pizza-like dough seasoned with diced chicken, spices and melted accawi cheese), Chicken and Cheese (4.99), beautiful puffed bread and garlic dip (50 cents?!) and followed quickly by our meals of Shish Tawouk (Chicken kebab, choice of mild, red, or spicy... of course we get the spicy!) and Beef BBQ (each 13.99 and 15.99) respectively grilled from behind the long counter adjacent us.

Best 50 cents spent for this amazing garlic dip... (The bread is complimentary)

Oozing Accawi Cheese and Diced Chicken... 4.99 Delicious

Perfectly seasoned, succulent Chicken Shish Tawouk... 13.99
BBQ Beef... 15.99

Each plate came with a choice of rice or french fries, the meat sizzled and served on half a pita, hummus, salad and pickles. Although the beef was a touch tough, (too well-done for my liking), it was flavourful and well-marinated. Entertained by laughter, some people watching, and a recounting of our clearance-friendly shopping finds, we ride the red rocket home well satisfied.

Many different loccations to serve foodies across the GTA, and a comprehensive website with catering options, here: .

Total meal: $46 including tax and tip for two with a ginger ale (and a very satisfied Hamburglar).

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Sunday, April 27, 2014

El Sol... looking bright!

The amount of sunlight emanating from the ceramic suns inside El Sol was enough to light up any cloudy day as I met Amy for a "senior citizen" (4:30 pm!!!) dinner hour catch-up.  With Evy, her beautiful infant daughter at the hip, we were lambasted with a gallery of hand-crafted pieces for sale as we entered the cavernous restaurant.  Bossa Nova was playing in the background as we were greeted with a warm, "Hola", from our server.  We started with an El Sol, (of course) and a virgin concoction of Pineapple and Orange Juices with Grenadine and a touch of Sprite.  We chose the El Sol, platter for two (34.95) that came with, drumroll please, 2 tacos dorado (chicken and potato), 2 tostadas nortenas (machaca), 2 tacos aguilenos (chicken marinated on achiote and potatoes), 2 taco sonorenses (chorizo). What a feast!  Although the service was slow, it allowed ourselves to reminisce over past loves, and current conundrums... the tacos were a pleasant treat, as the ceramic sunlight lit up our conversation and shone on future projects.  Note: no dessert served that evening, sorry sweet tooths!

Check out El Sol here:
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Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Okay, so the warm, fuzzy feelings of my childhood have been piqued by these RED LOBSTER CHEESE BISCUITS... these are synonymous with happiness... no joke, folks.. this wonderfulness is serious.. so much so that I've asked for multiple bags for take-out numerous times, (no shame, here!)

Here is a recipe for this cheddary goodness.  I'm going to try it this weekend.. look out!


Thursday, March 13, 2014


I took up an invitation to visit my gal pal Shirley in the windy city for a week of girly catch-up, vodka cran, and classic Chicagoan eats on the cheap!

Here is part one of many findings:

Hyde Park: South Chicago neighbourhood housing students from the nearby U Chicago and a diverse and gentrifying strip of shops... Starbucks has moved in!  Craving something sweet, we hit up Clarke's diner that is open 24/7.  The diner welcomes you with its yellow warmth and friendly staff.  Its booths are a rest haven for Chicago's finest on the beat.  Among classic diner fare, Northshore potatoes is a specialty; a creamy, hash-brown mix specific to Chicago.  We settled on a slice of monstrous red velvet cake and decaf coffee.  5 dollars.. cha-ching!

Check it out here: Clarke's Diner

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Dining under the stars... Mon amour - The Plan

Here's a fun song from The Plan that talks of dining under the stars... I laugh when he starts screaming, "Merde! Merde!"  Something we all say when in love and when burning your dish while cooking...  

Brunch without the cash punch? DIY sweet potato hash and spinach omelette!

Okay, okay... so truth be told I'm watching my cash flow as I am leaving in two weeks to sail the ocean.  So!  What better way to squash a brunch outing impulse than to make your own? (I know, I'd rather go out too, but my credit cards are crying out for a rest).

Sweet potato hash and spinach omelette for two!

Sweet potato hash:

les ingredients:
-one large sweet potato, peeled and cubed
-one onion, roughly chopped
-one tsp dried rosemary leaves
-one tsp dried parsley
-salt and pepper to taste
-any oil for frying (EVOO or otherwise, in my case, leftover frying oil from egg rolls yesterday... mmmm)

le demarche:
In a pan, heat oil on medium and add all together the potato, onion, and some salt and pepper.  Sautee for 10 minutes or until tender.  Add  the spices and mix, sautee again until sweet potato is crisp and slightly charred.  Divide into two plates.. enjoy!

Spinach omelette:

les ingredients:
-2 eggs
-one tbsp water
-salt and pepper
-spinach, 1/2 cup cut into chiffonade (fancy term for rolling up your spinach before chopping it so it comes out in thin ribbons)

le demarche:
-beat eggs with a fork in the bowl, add one tbsp water (will make your eggs fluffy, you can also use milk), salt and pepper
-heat frying pan and lightly oil (using whatever oil you have on hand)
-proceed pouring the eggs into the pan, making sure to cover the entire pan
-after  15 seconds where the border of the egg omelette is cooked, place the spinach on one half of the egg
-fold the half of the egg that is spinach free onto the half that has the spinach, you now have a half-moon looking egg
-wait 10 seconds then flip the half-moon to cook the other side
-ta-da!  cut in half and place on to two plates (preferably the ones with the sweet potato hash :)  )

I also ate left over roasted pork with the above, if you don't have roasted pork from the wonderful people at KaKaLucky BBQ at Broadview and Gerrard, add bacon, sausage, leftover turkey if you still have any, or any other wonderful protein you can add to the mix.

Bon appetit!