Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pistachio Perfection at Patisserie La Cigogne... say that ten times fast

Frankly, I for one always thought anything French was pretentious and completely out of my league.  Not so at Patisserie La Cigogne (Bayview and Davisville) where the bright and umbrella-sheltered patio beckons you into a sandy, warm colored room showcasing exquisite Alsace-inspired French fare including quiches, tourtieres, croque en bouche and diabetic-inducing-coma desserts.  Erin and I went around 11:30ish in the morning on a Monday (if you're wondering why on earth I have all this time on my hands, I am, mon ami, un professeur, don't hate).  Ordering an Alsatian quiche lunch and a baguette with butter and jam (resembling the crack variety of Twisted Fork in the Vancouver reviews) we were served outside.  Consistently light with hearty notes of bacon and ham encrusted in heaven's recipe for pastry dough, a steal of a deal at $8.95.  One could only finish with a sharing of a pain au chocolat (shmancy way of saying "chocolate croissant") and a piece of pistachio flan layered with pistachio caramel crunchy goodness and pistacchio mousse garnished with burgundy-painted dark chocolate and white chocolate straw.  Many, many desserts to choose from and one cannot deny the artisan feel to these very beautiful creations.  Oh la la! Eat your heart out Julia Child, bon appetit!

Alsatian Quiche and Greens
Baguette with Jam and Butter
Now the desserts selection can get pretty intimidating, there is a "pina colada" inspired creation where the actual coconut mousse cake is in the shape of a cocktail drink glass complete with white chocolate straw, candied berried as garnish and a shortbread star-shaped cookie evoking the beach-like cocktail feel?!  Fantastique!
Pain au Chocolate.. flaky goodness hiding a milky surprise

Pistachio Patisserie with its translation: "Cake, I love you"!
Patisserie La Cigogne, je vous aime!  http://www.patisserielacigogne.com/
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  1. Fantastique! Tu devrais m'emmene la quand je visite la semaine prochaine! - Rudejude

  2. ...immediatement du moment que je debarque l'avion!

  3. Ummm, this looks delish! I am not as fancy and I can't write in french... pero gusto ko ito! :)

  4. Hahaha! In any language it translates to "yum"!

    Kung sakali nandito kayo, pupunta tayo, sigurado iyan. Gutom na ako.... lolz....

    Thanks for the comments ladies! :)

  5. Can any body tell me what Patricia and Gustom talking about? I got no idea