Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Four beauties and a beast of a roll at Casa Sushi

Inside Casa Sushi c/o Sylvia
When something like, "Beauty and the Beast roll" pops out from the confines of what looks to be a regular sushi menu, you know you're in for a creative and inspired treat.  Take that and a mini-reunion of sorts as Lauren, Jasmin, Sylvia and I (the ESL girlz.. pardon the politically incorrect pun) had dinner at the newly opened Casa Sushi (Logan and Danforth).  Gorging on a fried white fish, avocado and cucumber roll topped with salmon, ebi (yes, sweet eel) and avocado with a dollop of pink mayo... a thing of beauty and of beastly size ($7.50).  So, why not continue on and pretend it's an all you can eat buffet with katsu don (battered pork chop, chopped and refried in scrambled eggs... cholesterol meds in tow) on a bed of rice and curry shrimp (panko encrusted shrimp served with a spicy, lemongrass coconut based curry soup and side of rice.  The maki combo with eighteen pieces of tuna maki and california roll rounded out the feast while the Sapporo beer helped to wash it down.  Cheers to a Monday night out!

Suonomo Salad.. sweet seaweed
Lauren's Sapporo ($8)
My Sapporo ($5)
Katsu Don ($7.50)
Curry Shrimp
Maki Combination: Tuna, Salmon and California Roll
Close-up #1 of the front of the Beauty
Close up #2.... sooo beautiful....mmmm...
No, these are not on the menu.
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